Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers #68 – You’re a Signpost. In what Direction are you Pointing?

It’s easy for teenagers to get lost in today’s culture. Many of them are standing at a crossroads, deciding which way to go. There are lots of signs and lots of paths to follow: some signs are shouting to them with eye-catching, enticing messages that lead to dangerous places; others are less prominent but clearly point to the godly path. As Christian…

Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers #67 – Encourage Missions and Service

“Sure, they’re watching videos, playing games and hanging out online. But today’s wired teens are also using social networks and the Internet to make a world of difference.” –

Unlike my generation X (Post Baby Boomer), today’s generation has a greater optimism for change and are more willing to make a difference. This is a good sign and we shouldn’t let it pass by without trying to guide their desire to impact the

Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers #64 Live the Truth

Have you ever said “Do as I say, not as I do.”? Teenagers are very sharp. They watch and listen closely and will quickly determine what we truly believe based on their observations of how we actually behave. They are also hypersensitive to hypocrisy. Actions speak much louder than words. Be sure you are living out what you say is important and true. The world

Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers #63 You are a Prophet

The Bible clearly tells us that the way things should be (but usually are not) in our world. As Christian parents raising teenagers trying to find their way through a mixed up, broken world, we have the awesome responsibility to help them wade through the much and lead them to an understanding of the way things should be. In the Old Testament period, God