Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers #69 – Encourage them to Pursue Fellowship

Encourage them to Pursue Fellowship with the larger and Diverse Body of Christ

Many teenagers and young adults may end up walking away from the heritage of their faith because they did not have a complete picture of the body of Christ. In lots of churches, teenagers have a church experience where they are surrounded by people their own age all the time. They have separate worship services from adults and don’t have any intergenerational experiences. Being separated from the rest of the church all the time, they will miss out on the benefits of the full breadth of the body of Christ – gifts, ages, wisdom, experience, and abilities of all the people in the church. When they finish high school or college and start getting involved in church as an adult, the whole experience may be foreign because it is no longer tailored to them.


At FBC, we work hard at making sure our teens have opportunities to interact with, worship, and minister with older adults too. If your teen only attends youth events, you are keeping them from experiencing the whole church and from maturing the way God intends. The church, the whole body of local believers, is God’s design and we will see the best spiritual results when we engage the whole body together.


I’m praying with you and for you. Please let me know how I can serve you and your family.


Pastor Mark