Growth Groups

What is a Growth Group?

Our Growth Groups are typically made up of 10 to 14 people who want to grow spiritually and connect with some friends who are going in the same direction. Sometimes the best description is simply a group of people who are like you and are looking for a way to become more like Christ. They’re not stuffy.  In fact, there’s no better place to meet people who really want to live life to the fullest.


Are all Growth Groups the same?

The short answer: No. At FBC we have all kinds of groups, because we have all kinds of people. We have groups made up of young adults, couples, ladies only, or anyone.


Why should I join a Growth Group?

Here are four very important reasons. First, you’ll begin to understand the Bible better in a Growth Group (there’s nothing like the chance to ask questions). Second, you’ll begin to feel like you’re part of God’s family (and not just a face in the crowd). Third, prayer will become more meaningful for you (your friends will be praying for you and with you). Finally, you’ll be able to handle stress and pressure better (when your friends are there for you, life is a very different experience).