Drive Drive_Block

God is pretty complex, and it’s impossible to boil His nature down to one characteristic. But, if it were possible, there’s one attribute that would be a front-runner: His love. God’s love is a powerful, relentless, transforming force. And the beautiful thing is that we are the objects of His love.

In the video-driven series, Drive, our students will be introduced to two men, one old and one young. These men find themselves in a very complicated situation, one full of regret and hardship. But what you’ll find is that there is a greater power at work, a power capable of making something new out of the disappointment of the past.

Drive, a 4-session, video-driven Bible study, will help our students see the relentless nature of God’s love, and how we are changed by it. I’m pleased to tell you that we’re going to be going through this study as a group. It’s going to be awesome.