Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers #80 – Confused? Frightened? Not sure what to do? Maybe you need to keep the Light on.

You may have noticed by now that life’s journey has it’s ups and downs – even (especially) for follower of Jesus Christ. At times it can be pretty intimidating and often confusing. Adding to the mix kids, who become teenagers, brings that reality home even more so. The children who were so easy to teach and get along with are sometimes more challenging to enjoy.

You can find parenting guides and ideas available in a host of places (books, TV, conferences, blogs); but unfortunately they may lead us in the wrong direction. The “experts” often share conflicting opinions on how to parent your children through the teen years. Who and what you believe and follow? God, our creator, provided His Word to shine a light in our dark world.

“By your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path.” Psalm 119:105
(The Message)

The Light is both the incarnate Word of God, Jesus Christ, and the written Word: the Bible. Scripture is filled with wisdom for living our lives; including trustworthy instruction, guidance for raising children, and for discipling young believers. God’s Word also offers us a measuring stick or plumb line by which we can evaluate the ideas of others. And it tells us where we’ve gone wrong and how to correct our course. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 tell us that Scripture is perfect for all these things and it will equip us for EVERYTHING we need.

Parenting teenagers is sometimes like finding your way through the woods in the middle of the night. Bring along your Divine flashlight!

in HIS service,

Pastor Mark

P.S. The blog titles and main ideas come from Walt Mueller’s book “99 Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers”. I personalize and modify the message, and also add Scripture.