How can guys and girls make the right choices?

Making good decisions and making the right choices can be really difficult. It’s a challenge for people of all ages. Someone once said, “Life is not made by the dreams your dream, but by the choices you make.”

  • How do you make the right kinds of friends?
  • How do you stand for what’s right?
  • How do you avoid the wrong situations?
  • How do you get along better with your family?

This summer, our guys and girls will be learning how to make the right choices with the help of two great books from authors Jim and Elizabeth George. We will look at how to apply principles from God’s Word to ¬†every day life. Making the right choices is not always easy. Sometimes it’s exactly the opposite of what you “feel” like doing. Middle and high school students will split into guy’s and girl’s classes for the summer months of June, July, and August.

Dads and Moms are welcome to join us in The Loft at 9 am on Sunday mornings for these life-changing discussions. Our teachers will be Pastor Mark and Pat Odom for the guys and Cindi Massaro and Suzzie Odom for the girls.