Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers #75 – The Future is the great unknown they think about

Have any of your kids told you they wanted to live with you forever? When they little and cute the thought is sweet. When they are older – well, maybe not so much! Eventually as they grow up they begin to think more about life as adults and longing for independence. Often before the dreaded junior/senior year SATs and college applications or financial aid decisions, they start wondering or even worrying about their future.

  •  What Should i do with My life
  • Do I need to go to college?
  • How will we pay for college?
  • Will I get a good job?
  • Will I get married?


  • Am I smart enough for College?
  • Should i serve in the Military?
  • Will I like my Job?
  • Where will i Live?

These questions don’t have easy answers and can be overwhelming when someone begins to think about them all at once. The answers the world offers are often contrary to the way Jesus call His followers to live. When we tell our kids to trust God about everything and then worry about things ourselves, we are setting a poor standard for them to follow. Or when we take things into our own hands when it comes to work, education, or finances we communicate that those areas are somehow outside of God’s will for our lives.


Be sensitive to your teenagers are they face the daunting task of making these important decisions. Help them understand that while many of these choices will affect their future, some of the decisions are simply one at a time. Guide them in looking for answers from God and His Word rather than from the world. Your teenager needs your input, guidance and direction. They will appreciate and value what you have to say. Remember, they need your help in how to make godly decisions much more than you making decisions for them. Train them to seek wisdom from God and godly counselors.


Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6(ESV)


I’m praying with you and for you. Please let me know how I can serve you and your family.


Pastor Mark