Biblical Counseling Update

Pastor Mark Massaro was part of the biggest class of new certified biblical counselors. He completed his certification in January 2016, but was part of the award ceremony at the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) annual conference this week in Indianapolis. Dr. Howard Eyrich, former NANC (now ACBC) director, was his mentor throughout the certification process. To God be the Glory!

“It is so exciting to see how God can change hearts and redeem His people from any situation. Biblical Counseling uses the Word of God as the ultimate source of truth for guidance and direction in life. The Holy Spirit is powerful and active in the Christian’s life to bring about continual growth in Christ-likeness (progressive sanctification). In counseling, we have the amazing and humbling opportunity to have front-row seats.”
– Pastor Mark Massaro

First Baptist Church is committed to counseling our church family and our community from the Word of God. Both Pastor Mark and his wife, Cindi, are certified biblical counselors through ACBC. Pastor Jim Saunders, his wife, Kim, and many others in our church family have also received training in biblical counseling.  Contact the church office or visit Biblical Counseling for more information.