Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers #98 – Make Your Home a Refuge.

Life as a teenager is difficult and hey, it’s tough out there! Yes, we like to tell them how much harder we had it when we were teens. And yes, we think they have it so easy compared to lots of others. But after school, work, practice, etc. do they come home to a place of more drama, tension, stress, yelling, unreasonable demands, and heartache? Or can they breathe a sigh of relief as they step into a a loving, safe, comforting, recharging place they call home.

As parents, we have lots of decisions and choices to make. This is an easy one. Purpose to make your home a place where your teenager and his or her friends feel welcome and not a burden. We have a great opportunity to positively impact their friends and show them God’s love. Some of their friends may not find love and acceptance when they get home. Make sure they find it in your home.

Don’t just talk about loving others… Do it! Stock on the snacks and make room for their friends. The potential for greater influence in your teenager’s and friends’ lives is tremendous. Let’s not waste it!

“Little children, let us stop just saying we love people’ let us really love them, and show it by our actions.”
1 John 3:18 (TLB)

in HIS service,

Pastor Mark

P.S. The blog titles and main ideas come from Walt Mueller’s book “99 Thoughts for Parents of Teenagers”. I personalize and modify the message, and also add Scripture.

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